Oraimo Theater-2 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones and Speaker

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Ksh. 4,500
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Key Features
  • Headphone & Speaker 2-In-1
  • Deep Bass
  • 20-Hour Battery
  • Touch-Panel Control
Box Contents
  • Oraimo Theater-2 Headphones
Full Description

Oraimo Theater-2 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones and Speaker.

Oraimo Theater-2 Headphones are two-in-one headphones in that when you twist the earcups outwards, they become high-volume speakers. So, instead of purchasing a speaker and a headphone, you can buy Oraimo Theater-2 Headphones and have both at an affordable price.


2-in-1 Headphone.

Oraimo Theater-2 Headphones is a Bluetooth headphone that can be used as a speaker. When you are with friends or just want to listen to music with headphones, you can twist the earcups outside, and automatically the Oraimo Theater-2 Headphones will start playing loud music.


Powerful Bass.

Oraimo Theater-2 Headphones come with loud deep bass. If you want headphones with bass, Oraimo Theater-2 Headphones will not disappoint. They are the most affordable headphones that come with powerful bass.


Long Battery Life.

Oraimo Theater-2 Headphones come with 20-hour battery life. This means you can listen to music all day and still have enough power left for the next day. The long battery life also makes Oraimo Theater-2 Headphones the best affordable headphones to travel with.


Controls by Touching the Panel.

  • Play/Pause Music: Short press once
  • Answer/End Call: Short press once
  • Volume Up / Next Track: One-touch: Volume up
    Long-touch: Next track
  • Volume Down / Previous Track: One-touch: Volume down
    Long-touch: Previous track