Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) Smart Watch

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Key Features
  • 0.96' inch Display
  • Android 4.4
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 91mAh Battery Capacity
  • Plug and Charge
  • Proactive Health Monitoring
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  • Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) Smart Watch
  • User Manual
Full Description

Heart Care

Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) is marketed as a Heart Monitoring, smart wearable watch. Let's talk about these heart-monitoring features. The processing chips and AI algorithm present on Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) which make it monitor your heart rate with accuracy. Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) works by providing smart and intelligent reminders via vibrations if your heart rate exceeds the maximum average heart rate. This feature will prove beneficial mostly to classes who take particular note of their well-being. Trainers, athletes, workout people, and so on in mind Should get the Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) SmartWatch.

Sleep Care
Is there anyone who does not sleep? If you be such a one then I suggest you stop reading this article at this point. Whether you take your naps, sleep all day, or are an early bird, the Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) promises to provide suggestions to help you enjoy better sleep. And as we know, healthy sleep is one of the fundamental basis for healthy living. This Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) smartwatch tracks your pulse during sleep to acknowledge the four phases and analyze the sleep quality. You are able to get better sleep enjoyment with the Huawei Band 4.

Get Active and Stay Active
You can adjust yourself for better exercising or training with Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29). Huawei Band 4 will provide detailed data results of your speed, heart rate, and its zone, steps, even number of calories. The data is collected whether you are outdoors or indoors while jogging, running, excerpting, or walking. All you have to do is fit the band around your wrist and you are set and you ready to go. It is one of the best things to exercise with. But to exercise and get real-time detailed information on your progress is yet another. Just the reason why you should get yourself Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) smartwatch.

Life Assistant
You can synchronize your phone with Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) to get notified whenever there is any activity on your mobile phone. If you receive a message for example and you cannot or do no want to reach out for your phone if you had paired your smartphone with Band 4 you can access that message from the convenience of your wrist. The best part is that Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) is compatible with all smartphones running Android 4.4 or later or iOS 9.0 or later. Get notifications of any messages or phone calls all with a touch of a finger to your wrist.

Battery Life (91 mAh)
The Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29) has a battery capacity of 91 mAh which means it takes about 1.5 hours to charge to 100% and last up to 7 days of usage when HUAWEI TruSleep™ is enabled, pulse monitoring (Smart mode) is enabled, Raise wrist to wake screen is disabled. When HUAWEI TruSleep™ is enabled it takes up to 8 days, pulse monitoring (Smart mode) is disabled, Raise wrist to wake screen is disabled. When the HUAWEI TruSleep™ is disabled, Heart rate monitoring (Smart mode) is disabled, Raise wrist to wake screen is disabled it can take up to 9 days

Water Resistance
You can go swimming or take a shower while still rocking Huawei Band 4 (ADS-B29). This means it complies with 5ATM water resistance underwater. Devices that comply with 5ATM-rated water resistance have a water resistance rating of 50m under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means the Huawei Band 4 may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean.
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. Size: Band Body (L x W x H) 56.0 mm (Entire length without strap) x 18.5 mm (width) x 12mm (Body Thickness)
. 17 mm Strap Width
. 123 mm + 85 mm Strap Lenght
. Weight: 24g including wrist strap

. 0.96 inches in size
. TFT Colour Screen
. 80 x 160p Resolution

. Android 4.4 (Or Later)
. iOS 9.0 (Or Later)

. 384KB ROM
. 32MB Flash

. 2.4GHz Bluetooth Frequency
. 4.2 Bluetooth

. Battery Capacity: 91mAh
. Charge Time: About 1.5 hours