Hisense REF251DR Double Door Fridge

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Key Features

Key Specification

  • Capacity (Litre): 251
  • Type: Bottom Mounted Refrigerator
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Weight: 40kg
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Colour: Silver
  • Water Dispenser: Yes
  • Low Noise: Yes
  • No Frost: Yes
  • Mechanical Temperature Control Technology: Yes
  • Silver Color
  • Energy Class A+/ A++/ A+++
  • Mechanical Temperature Control Technology: Yes
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Full Description

Hisense REF251DR Double Door Fridge has a unique size and the design is even more spectacular in order to complement the perfect blend accompanied with aesthetic performance. The fridge is a compact slim double door that opens swiftly and closes without a bang.




Model Number


Water Dispenser



Gas 600A

Low Noise





Bottom Mounted Refrigerator


251 liters

No Frost



The freezer exterior compartment is a metallic material that is silver in color. The body of the fridge is zinc-coated and prevents bends and damage. The material is really easy to clean in case of spills, grease or dirt. The silver color promotes the natural color wherever you may decide to place the fridge in the kitchen space or any other room. The door of the fridge comes with a door lock feature which enables people to lock their fridges from third parties.

The fridge's internal structure comes with removable shelves that one can take out and clean.


This Hisense REF251DR Double Door Fridge comes with a massive 205 liters capacity able to store a lot of food. Despite the large capacity, the fridge is still a very reliable alternative while offering you not just the best but a high form of performance.

When it comes to the capacity of the freezer, you will not be disappointed as it provides an adequate storage capacity to store a lot of food products in.


When it comes to performance it is quite reliable when you need to quickly freeze your food items in order to keep them fresh. When keeping the food cold in the freezer, the fridge is very efficient as it still maintains to use a low energy consumption unlike other fridges. The fridge does not overheat as it works, no unnecessary heat from the fridge to the wall or wood behind the fridge

Additionally, this is not a noisy fridge, the fridge as a low humming sound that cannot be heard from a meter and a half away. Get on your duties without the constant noise from the fridge.

This is one of another reason that this is the most recommended Hisense fridge, this is because it comes with a Multi Air-flow all round system.

With the mechanical temperature control that is adjustable from the thermostat both in the freezer and fridge itself.

Soft LED lighting

Finally, the fridge is installed with soft LED lighting, the LED lighting is not strong on the eyes and automatically goes off when the door is closed to save on energy.

The lighting illuminates all the corners of the fridge by reflecting light everywhere reducing the total time used when looking for food in the dark.