Hisense 223L H310BI (Combi) Refrigerator

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Key Features

Key Specification

  • Hisense Fridge  223 Litters
  • Two Doors H310BI
  • Energy Class A
  • LED Lighting
  • Reversible Door
  • Big Bottle Rack
  • Tempered Glass Shelves
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Full Description

Hisense 223L H310BI (Combi) Defrost Refrigerator is a fridge like no other in terms of design, model, performance and durability. The refrigerator comes equipped with enough space to store a lot of food supplies; the internal fridge has a total capacity of an outstanding 223 liters in total. Buy Hisense 223L H310BI (Combi) Defrost Refrigerator at Jubba Shop Kenya.

Hisense 223L H310BI (Combi) Defrost Refrigerator

Hisense 223L H310BI (Combi) Defrost Refrigerator Specification
Model Hisense H310BI
Year 2021
Energy Class A
LED Lighting LED
Big Bottle Rack Yes
Tempered Glass Shelves Yes
Water Dispenser Yes
Freestanding Yes
Type Combi
Net capacity Fridge 159L
capacity Freezer 63L
Length / Depth Product Length / Depth
Product Height 160.5 cm
Width 55 cm

It the Hisense 223L H310BI also has a child/security lock system where you can lock the fridge and prevent other people from operating the fridge when you are not around.

With this kind of space, you are assured to enjoy the best of the best when you want to fill up your fridge. Together with the any compartments in the fridge, it is really easy to separate your food produce separately.

Hisense 223L H310BI Design

The components in the fridge are divided into different sizes so users can store different food products at different capacities. For example, small components designed especially for eggs prevent the eggs from being stored with other produce and breaking. Take note that this is just the fridge capacity.

Moving on to the Hisense 223L H310BI freezer compartment on the top, the Freezer has a rather large capacity and gives more space to the fridge by adding another extra 63L. The space in the freezer also has more compartments and an icebox for making ice and freezing food.

on to the exterior, the fridge comes with a greyish color with a metallic zinc material all around apart from the back. The surface is really smooth and easy to clean off any dirt, grease, or any spills that are there.

Energy Class A

Most electronics nowadays are ramping up their energy conservation efforts, the Hisense H310BI-WD fridge has been tested and has been given an A-class energy rating by inspection.

Even with LED Lighting, the power energy-saving system works perfectly to still save energy and power.

With this energy rating classification, it means that the fridge saves a lot of power even if the fridge is at full capacity or is half empty. With this kind of energy rating, the product saves the users up to 22% in energy consumption. This is likely evident when you are comparing this A class rating to the other B-rated products then you save a lot.

Tempered Glass Shelves

Lastly, the fridge also boasts one of the best quality safety control measures, for example, the refrigerator has a tempered safety glass. The tempered safety glass is really shatterproof and will rarely break, shatter, crack or bend inwards even when dropped, banged or supports heavy bowls or produce. This tempered glass is way much stronger than what you would expect from the usual standard glass from other fridge manufacturers.